People's Community Clinic

Health clinic for the 21st century

Our Mission

People's Community Clinic's (PCC) mission is to provide primary health care for those residing in the Los Angeles County in California. This will be accomplished through an organized health delivery system that includes outreach non-profit organizations.

Strong Team

Through teamwork with positive, well-trained, skilled, knowledgeable, and certified providers and support staff, we can deliver personalized and compassionate medical and mental health care while promoting permanent health lifestyles to patients.

Comprehensive Care

People's Community Clinic will provide comprehensive services including primary care, laboratory and 340B pharmacy services.

Our clients Testimonials

In all my life going to doctors I've never met a group of people so pleasant and dedicated to my well-being as the folks at PCC. Thank you so much for all your great work!

Arthur O.

My visit was absolutely nice! The wait was very short (I was seen by a doctor within 15 minutes) and I never felt rushed. Thanks, Needles crew!

Andrea A.

I was so glad that People's Community Clinic happened to have a location in my area. I went there once a couple of years ago and I never want to see another doctor again. Love you guys and thanks for all the love and care!

Robert S.

Insurances We Accept

People's Community Clinic accepts the following insurances: